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Date:Sunday September 26, 2004 9:51:30 pm MDT
Subject:Re: returning to his cage
Message:Margaret wrote:
> Does your nanday have interesting things to do inside his cage?  Does
> he have interest in any of the bird toys in there?  How about some
> comfortable perches - something like cholla wood, natural wood with
> or without bark, a calcium perch or a rope perch?  Do you have one
> positioned in an upper corner of his cage?  They usually like to
> sleep up as high as they can get.

This made me think of another possibility; is there something "scary" in your Nanday's cage?  My Nanday often reacts very dramatically to the color yellow.  He hasn't been afraid of his yellow happy hut, but his yellow flight suit and yellow toys really seem to startle him at times.  I can definitely see where we could have run into a problem if he decided the happy hut was a threat.

Just a thought; good luck!

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