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Date:Sunday September 26, 2004 6:26:39 pm MDT
Subject:Re: returning to his cage
Message:I agree that clipping his flight feathers should help gain his cooperation or at least make it easier for you to put him where you want him.

Have you tried bribing him with his favorite foods?  Is there anything that he'll make a beeline for if he sees it?  Around here, that "bribery food" seems to be Brownberry's 12 Grain Bread or a piece of dried fruit.  With my nanday, Gizmo, I could also shake his favorite toy and place it inside his cage and he'll go right in after it.

Does your nanday have interesting things to do inside his cage?  Does he have interest in any of the bird toys in there?  How about some comfortable perches - something like cholla wood, natural wood with or without bark, a calcium perch or a rope perch?  Do you have one positioned in an upper corner of his cage?  They usually like to sleep up as high as they can get.

If it is night time, you can try covering the cage except for the entryway into the cage, turning down all the lights (but so that you can still see to put him away.  That seems to work for my gang here.

Good luck!

yogureta wrote:
> I cant make my nanday go back to his cage
> I tried everything

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