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Name:Jess S
Date:Sunday September 26, 2004 6:05:11 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Diffrent species, same cage
Message:Here's a heart-warming story of different species and sizes getting along-
At the zoo where I volunteer, there are two birds who will never be parted until the day they die - a very large yellow-naped Amazon and some unknown species of very green conure, named Murphy and Wendel. Needless to say, Wendel is less than half Murphy's size and yet, they live more than happily together. Their story is as follows: before they lived together, Wendel was a renowned escape artist who could barely be kept in a cage for more than 10 minutes, and Murphy was just a generally large, bad-tempered Amazon who could only be handled by two select people. Well, one day Wendel got out and, as always, went exploring in the other birds' cages. On this particular day, he met Murphy. I dont know *how* he managed to get inside Murphy's cage, but the two of them hit it off beautifully, and ever since then (it's got to be more than 7 years or so), they've been the best of friends. Murphy even learned a new phrase since Wendel moved in - you'll say "Murphy! Call Wendel!" and he'll do this adorable little "aaAaahh!" yell that just cracks me up every time. I guess for Wendel it was just a matter of finding the right house and roommate since he hasn't escaped since. And while they do have little disagreements every now and then, they're absolutely adorable to watch as they eat together, drink together, and even cuddle under their papers together.

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