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Date:Sunday September 26, 2004 4:50:41 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Fact/fiction
Message:Enyar I am no expert either, but I have heard that it is not a good idea to put parrots of the larger species on your shoulders- too many reports of the bigger birds ripping up their owner's faces and that is the main reason.

One I can think of about not letting any bird sit on your shoulder is that sometimes they go potty on you and you need to clean up immediately.

As per allowing your bird on your shoulder is really a personal choice. Anyone can do what they want. But it does seem silly to me that anyone would put a larger bird on their shoulder than a conure and it has an aggressive nature is certainly looking for trouble.

We allowed our Cockateil to sit on our shoulders, and we allow our two conures to. My two dogs- no way! Ebby is 103 lbs, much to heavy for me to let my 4 legged friend sit on me anywhere. And Princess is also a 75 lb. dog.

Just use a little common sense in your choice to allow or not allow your bird to sit on your shoulder.

Remember if you have a baby bird you can teach him behaviors you want. It's neet to see what they choose to do on a daily basis.

Lex hung out on top of doors, liked to play hide and seek, help himself to the biggest bowl of popcorn, go through the spagetti, and much more.

You'll do great with Hudson!

> Hi Everyone,
> We have had Hudson, our 12 week old Nanday, a week now. We have just
> strted to change his diet to a mainly fresh food one and he seems to
> be doing well.
> I would like to ask some general opinions of you all.
> I am currently reading a book and it says never to allow your parrot
> to sit on your shoulder or to let them walk around on the floor of
> your home. Articles on the Net seem to be of mixed opinion and I am
> unsure.  Apparently by allowing your parrot do these things it
> encourages bad behaviour.
> What do you all think??  I would be interested to know what the
> general opinion is out there.

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