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Date:Sunday September 26, 2004 10:42:26 am MDT
Subject:Re: returning to his cage
Message:yogureta wrote:
> I cant make my nanday go back to his cage
> I tried everything
> he learned to step up without a problem.. but he just wont go home
> i leave him outside his cage a whole day.. I try not to give him food
> so he would go back when he gets hungry.. but he wont
> he is not clipped so he flies away every time I bring him near the
> cage door
> help! what should I do?
> I dont want to catch him every night because I figure he is going to
> become hand-shy. He was parent raised so he is a bit wild already
> any advice would be most helpful

Hiya yogureta,

I would strongly advise having the wings clipped.  This will prevent him flying away out of your reach and it is safer in my opinion.  Have a proper Avarian vet do this for you and at the same time show you how to do it.

I am no expert, but catching him and telling him "in your cage" as you place him firmly but gently in his cage should not make him hand shy. He needs to learn to do this command, for his own safety as well as your sanity!  Persevere. Hopefully lots of others on this msg board will also be able to advise you.

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