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Date:Saturday September 25, 2004 7:08:40 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Spoke with the vet
Message:Wow, I suppose that is possible, especially if you haven't had those birds very long.  (How long have you had them?)

Even birds who aren't bonded that are in the same household with each other will still call to each other when separated.  They still belong to the same flock even if there isn't a "love connection" between them.  Birds receive protection, comfort and security in their flocks and the birds should be kept where ever the people spend most of their time.  Being isolated is only going to cause confusion and insecurity.  The bird that is feeling isolated isn't going to understand why or what he did wrong to warrant this separation.  You can try talking to the bird who is removed and letting them know why this separation is taking place.  If nothing else, the bird may find comfort or understanding in the tone of your voice.  You'd be surprised how much these feathered companions can understand.

I've had my sun conure and my maroon belly conure for about three years.  They both were "Momma's boys" either immediately or soon after coming home.  Just recently they've started hanging out and spending time together, preening each other, sharing food cups and bathing dishes, even trying to ride each other (they are both boys) and their new relationship does not seem to have any affect on my individual relationship with either one of them.  As a matter of fact, after dinner tonight I went and held Whammy (sun conure) and he was very sweet and ended up climbing inside my shirt and snuggled up tight where the arm and collar bone meet the shoulder and wedged himself in there nice and snug, blowing kisses and taking a good nap inside there for about 30 minutes.

I have 23 birds here and they pretty much get to behave like birds and do their own thing.  I just spend time with them all every day, I keep their cages clean, their food and water fresh and I make sure they get enough sleep each night.  They can interact with me as much or as less as they wish.  Birds seeking attention from me definitely get it and everyone has the opportunity every day to interact.  They are all out of their cages whenever someone is home to supervise and are only caged if we leave, when it is time to sleep, or if we are preoccupied with a project and cannot be right there with them.  If I am alone, I will also cage them while I cook or are handling raw meats, etc...(that is not the time you want to have to separate squabbling birds or pick them up from the ground to place them back on their cages or play gyms, you know..).  I just want the birds to be happy, they don't have to do anything "special" for me.  I love them for who they are and I don't require them to be my "love sponge" or anything else.  I enjoy them for who they are.  If they do want to love and snuggle, then great, but if not, that is OK too.  Regardless of where they are or who they are with, they need someone to love them and take care of them...even the grouchy ones.

I know it must be breaking your heart, as it would mine, if my vet advised me to do what yours has.  Although I don't agree, your vet may be right.  If not, and you have the bird re-evaluated only to find out that physically the bird is 100% healthy, you just might have to chalk it up to an emotional problem.  Birds are so intelligent and that is where their emotional problems often stem from.  There is so much still to be learned about these amazing creatures as pets.  Personally, I think that isolating a bird from the rest of the flock is not good - emotionally - for the bird being isolated, especially if there is no medical reason for it such as to prevent the spread of infection while the bird is recuperating from an injury, etc...(I'm assuming that Midori is still allowed to hang out where the people do and that he isn't also isolated to his own private room like Cheecks is).  I would just hate for your bird to experience any unnecessary emotional trauma if there isn't a physical need for the separation, that's all.  Isolated birds can also sink into a depression.  You know how difficult it can be for humans dealing with feelings of isolation and depression, just imagine how it must be for a highly intelligent creature such as our cockatiels and conures who not only fight those feelings, but also captivity as well.

Just spend as much time with your birds as you can.  It might help to keep a journal on each bird to log time spent with each bird, any observations, notations on whether they are eating and if their dropping appear normal and any other behaviors you feel may provide clues to emotional and physical well being.  Many holistic vets find journals invaluable and it can help one to see the whole picture.

Good luck!

Andrea wrote:
> Hi guys! Midori is still acting strange, but then we just got in after
> being gone several hours. You know, he doesn't try to bite me, he just
> acts afraid. I spoke with the vet before we left and she said it
> sounded to her as if Midori has suddenly bonded with my Cockatiel,
> Cheecks. Cheecks was acting weird, a week or so ago (I posted about
> it) and just this morning let Midori preen him on top of the head,
> which he has never done before. If Midori got close to him he would
> hiss at him and try to bite. The vet said that no matter how good a
> human is to a bird, they are not as good as another bird. So, she
> suggested that we seperate them and put Cheeks in another room. Well,
> he has screamed and cried like a baby. I feel SO bad. But, we may have
> to take him somewhere else altogether to see if this resolves. She
> said as long as Midori could hear him, it may not work. She also said
> that where Midori and I were so close, that if this is the problem, he
> may be confused as to what my role is. He may not be sure where
> exactly I fit into the picture now. Guys, this is killing me. I feel
> like I'm punishing them. When I suggested that I wait until Tuesday,
> for some reason, I thought today was Sunday. Rough couple of days
> here. If this doesn't seem to work, then she said we would have him
> re-evaluated. We'll give it a shot and see what happens. I just don't
> think I can go through another lose right now.
> Thanks!
> A

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