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Date:Saturday September 25, 2004 2:26:38 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Capt Jack returns
Message:Hello again!

After the first day of medication, he was pretty peeved about the whole thing. Now granted, it was his 3rd day here and we took him to the Vet, who clipped a nail to get blood, which opened up again that night (We didnt know thats how the vet did it), to which we freaked out and bugged the animal hospital on the phone several times. Corn starch every where, kid crying cause he doesnt know ehy the birdie is bleeding, then the next day or so we start the medicine. I was sure he was going to hate me after all that so early on. BUT, luckily he came back aroung and is just as sweet as pie.
We think that he picked up the bacteria from the pet expo where we got him. We let the breeder know, she was pretty surprised by it all.
But the Vet thinks he is fine, no permanent damage. We caught it pretty early on and treated it real hard and fast.
HAs anyone ever had a bird who doesnt poop all night, but saves it all up for you in the morning? This kid has MONSTER poop! LOL

His new habit, which goes along with the eye patch thing. Its that he loves to sit on your shoulder and and will fly to you any chance he gets. So far he has been real behaved about it when he is there. Mostly he just likes to snuggle and what not. I have read the stories about people having their faces ripped open by Macaws.. He hasnt bit anyone yet, even when he was angry about the medicine and cornstarch. HE even let me kinda hold open his beak to get the medicine in with my finger. But anytime he craws down your back or hops on your head, he gets taken back to his play gym thing.
But he has started to nibble, which tickeles me to death. Right now he is sitting on my shoulder playing with my shirt collar and beeping at me.
The hardest part is NOT spoiling him rotten.. But I am determined to have him happy and healthy for the next 40 years and I know I have to restrain myself... But he now knows that whenever we are home, he is out of his cage even it that means he is on the rolling play gym playing by him self.

I love him lots

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