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Date:Saturday September 25, 2004 1:20:12 pm MDT
Subject:Re: changing diet
Message:LOL!  That is wonderful news.  Usually the younger the bird, the easier the conversion goes.  Being a prey animal, they are naturally leery of "new things" but when they are young they are much more receptive as so much is new for a youngster.  I laugh at the thought of seeing others read your post and think, "Darn!  Why couldn't MY bird be that easy to convert?!"  - LOL!  That is truly wonderful news though.  

So just keep that up every morning until he is readily eating the fresh foods.  I find that converting a seed eater to the fresh foods first is much easier than first trying to convert to a pellet diet.  The reason is probably due to the fact that fresh foods are a more natural food choice for the bird in nature as compared to the manufactured pellet diets.  But anyhow, once your bird is discovering all the wonderful shapes, tastes and colors of a wide variety of fresh foods you will quickly learn what his favorites are.  Then when you begin to convert him to a pelleted diet, he will most likely already trust you because you introduced the wonderful fresh foods the same way.  You see?  You will be building a wonderful relationship with your bird by spending so much time together working on improving his diet.  That is a great first step in any new bird's life with you.  I'm so glad it is going smoothly for you!  Your bird will thank you by way of a long, healthy and happy life.  <smile>

(No name) wrote:
> Thankyou so much for the advice . It was very helpful.  We tried him
> with no seed, just carrot, green bean, cauli, peas and sweetcorn this
> morning and when he realised his seed pot wasn't there, just his fresh
> food pot, he decided he didnt want to go hungry and started munching
> away on it.  I'm sure this is the beginning of a happy conversion!
> Thanks again.

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