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Date:Saturday September 25, 2004 4:22:17 am MDT
Subject:Re: Dawns msg :New Baby Conure Questions & Intro
Message:Hi Dawn

Sounds like we could help each other out, with a little help from our friends here on the ring.  They have been a great help to me.

Our Nanday, Hudson, is just 12 weeks old.  We have had him around a week.

Hudson seems to know "Step up" quite well and he also loves to snuggle on mine and my B/f chest.  He has taken a little interest in his toys out his cage, though not much.  When we wanted to bath him, we put a little water in a large flatish bowl and misted him with a sprayer bottle, but he didn't do much. He never cowered away, just didn't take much interest. From what I gather, this will change when he becomes more confident.

Have you read many books?  I have and I think opinion is divided on some things. Thats when I ask our friends here on the ring what they think.
See "fact/fiction" which I have posted earlier.

What do you feed your Nanday on?  Hudson is now on a small amount of seed with fresh veg in another pot.  To get him to eat the veg, we had to remove his seed for a few hours (Just seed, Not water obviously).He was soon converted.  Read as much as you can on diet, as it is a major, major factor in their health and longlivety.

Good luck and keep me informed with updates!

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