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Date:Friday September 24, 2004 8:19:21 pm MDT
Subject:Re: HELP!!!
Message:First of all, any time there are definite changes in behavior, that can be good cause for a visit to an avian vet and for a checkup and some basic tests.  Often, a behavioral change is a first indicator of illness.

If this is a psychological thing, such as it sounds that you suspect, then your bird may have begun acting phobic for several reasons.  Often African greys or other highly intelligent birds begin to behave this way.  One theorizes that perhaps it is because birds are naturally flocking creatures and if there are no other birds around them, they begin to feel alienated, alone and become phobic.  While I am not suggesting you get another bird, perhaps there could be other reason coming into play here as well.

Nutrition and appropriate sleep is important in helping your bird become an agreeable avian companion.  When you say "here is it 10pm" flock have been put to bed lately by 8pm as it has been getting dark earlier.  I don't usually uncover them until 8am.  Once in a while they can stay up until 9 or 10pm, but I usually expect them to sleep in until 9am or so also.  Once they are put to bed, the lights are kept off inside the home, there is no TV on, there is no conversations being held in their rooms nor in the rooms adjacent to where they are sleeping.  I do keep "white noise" in those rooms in the form of a HEPA air filter and I do keep an exhaust fan running 24/7 during the months that the weather allows (usually from April through October).

Did you do anything different today?  For example, did you paint your fingernails?  Did you uncover your bird with a towel on your wet head?  Were you wearing a wildly patterned shirt today?  Did you loving tease your bird in any way that perhaps he took the "wrong way"?  Did you do anything differently?  Are you wearing perfume or something in your hair?  Sometimes the slightest thing can set off our birds.

I hope some of this can help you.

Andrea wrote:
> Last night when I put Midori to bed everything was as ususal.  This
> morning, he would not come out to me. All day I've tried to do things
> for him or with him. Well, its almost 10 p.m. now and all day, he has
> either run or flown from me. If I even approach his cage, he backs
> up. I was his FRIEND yesterday! He screamed if I even left the room.
> Everything was like always. He tolerated my husband and does today,
> but won't have anything to do with me. He didn't act this way, the
> first day I had him. I'm in tears now, has anyone had this type of
> behavior problem before? He acts like he hit his head during the
> night and woke up a different person. He hasn't been talking any at
> all today, no whistling, no saying hello when the phone rings,
> nothing. No showing off and no playing with his toys. He has been
> eating though. If I'm careful, I can give him snacks in the cage.
> It's almnost as though he is really mad at me. Remember when you were
> in school and would get mad at a friend and quit talking to them.
> (maybe that was a girl thing). Well, there you go! What did I do to
> this poor little thing? The little fella was everything and now...
> Can anyone out there help me? Please.  
> Thanks,
> A

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