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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday September 24, 2004 8:15:32 pm MDT
Subject:Re: HELP!!!
Message:THINK HARD. Is there anything changed or different, that could be scaring him? Did you change your hair, paint your nails, wear a different color shirt? Is there anything different in the room he's in? Can he see something scary out the window? I am guessing that he's scared of something on you or something different about you, but I don't know what. It could be the most trivial thing, too...

Best thing to do while he's scared like that is to ignore him completely. Don't even make eye contact if possible. It's really hard, I know, but pushing interaction while he's scared would be much worse for him.

Andrea wrote:
> Last night when I put Midori to bed everything was as ususal.  This
> morning, he would not come out to me. All day I've tried to do things
> for him or with him. Well, its almost 10 p.m. now and all day, he has
> either run or flown from me. If I even approach his cage, he backs
> up. I was his FRIEND yesterday! He screamed if I even left the room.
> Everything was like always. He tolerated my husband and does today,
> but won't have anything to do with me. He didn't act this way, the
> first day I had him. I'm in tears now, has anyone had this type of
> behavior problem before? He acts like he hit his head during the
> night and woke up a different person. He hasn't been talking any at
> all today, no whistling, no saying hello when the phone rings,
> nothing. No showing off and no playing with his toys. He has been
> eating though. If I'm careful, I can give him snacks in the cage.
> It's almnost as though he is really mad at me. Remember when you were
> in school and would get mad at a friend and quit talking to them.
> (maybe that was a girl thing). Well, there you go! What did I do to
> this poor little thing? The little fella was everything and now...
> Can anyone out there help me? Please.  
> Thanks,
> A

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