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Date:Friday September 24, 2004 4:20:55 pm MDT
Subject:Capt Jack returns
Message:Well... Its been an interesting week!
Test results came back from the vet last week, poor thing had a kidney infection from some bacteria I cant even begin to pronounce. Vet described it as 'particularly destructive which was lovely to hear.
After a full week of antibiotics (I thought he would never forgive me after the first time!) and another visit to the vet this afternoon, I am happy to report he is all better.
Scared the poo out of us....

Good thing out of it all is that I have become very anal about cleaning all his stuff, he has gotten a crash course training in being wrapped in a towel and we have both grown a heck of alot more confident with each other.

After last night though, I need to make sure I keep a camera handy whenever I am playing with him... we have one of those toy buckets which he loves. Both him and the bucket in my lap and after half an hour he decided to take a nap in the bucket, head first.....

I am dreading though the first real bite from him..

And he and one of the cats had alittle 'meeting' in my lap as well the other night. I dont think Ive seem my cat run away from anything that fast before!
I dont think she saw Capt Jack in my lap and she jumped up to the arm of the couch, he screamed, lunged, poofed up and snapped all at once. I was impressed, I think....

Its been almost 2 weeks now... and I am floored at how much different birds really are. ITs great!


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