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Date:Thursday September 23, 2004 9:32:51 pm MDT
Subject:Re: conures and cockatiels
Message:Well, Donna, I have a sun conure that gets along well with a cockatiel that he grew up with.  But many of my other cockatiels will have bloody feet if my sun conure got his way.  Then my sun conure also sort of grew up with a maroon belly conure in the house and both of these feisty "Momma loving babies" used to get along briefly for short periods of time on a shared play gym.  Sometimes spats would break out and for safety's sake, I'd need to separate them.  Eventually their time spent on a shared playgym grew longer in between spats and now they might spat but most of the time they work it out amongst themselves.  But since neither of these birds have full flight, and they are both males and may become frustrated, I will separate them if things get a little crazy.  But they will sit as close as possible to each other, often with their tail feathers overlapping each other's and they'll preen each other.  So they are becoming friends, but they have lived together here with me for the past few years and I got the sun conure when he was 3 months old and the maroon belly was acquired at almost a year old.

I would say that if the birds were both under a year in age, over time they may become friends.  Conures are stronger birds than cockatiels so you may need to keep them separate for your cockatiel's safety.  If you watch your birds closely, you'll notice aggression before they get too close to each other.  Let the conure get close enough to grab the cockatiel's tail feathers, for example (with you holding the cockatiel and the conure on a play gym or something - with flight feathers trimmed on each bird).  If the conure lunges at the tail feathers to bite and pull them, then you wouldn't want them next to each other where the conure might grab the skinny little neck of the cockatiel or bite off a small talon.

Because each bird has their own personality, not all birds are going to like each other.  You will have to see how the individual relationship dynamics of those two birds turn out to be.  It is hard to say, but I wouldn't allow them to sleep in the same cage at all and I would be completely prepared to maintain separate play areas outside of their cages when they are allowed out with the family.  Make sure each bird receives their individualized time together so that nobody feels neglected.  Conures would normally never come into contact with cockatiels in the wild and it is possible, because birds have sensitive respiratory systems, that the relatively dusty powdery cockatiel could cause respiratory problems for the conure.  Housing them in the same cage is not advised and any contact they have with each other should be fully and completely supervised for your smaller and more gentle cockatiel's safety.

My Nanday doesn't like any of my other 22 parrots here.  They say that Nandays get along with other birds, but mine isn't showing that side of himself yet.  <smile>  So each bird is different and needs love and patience.

Good luck.

Donna wrote:
> We currently have a cockatiel.  My daughter has been offered a conure
> that is about 2yrs old.  The family that currently has the bird does
> not have the time to spend with it. My questions is, will these birds
> be able to learn to get along together, is it possible for them to
> share a large cage, and can they eat some of the same foods?

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