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Date:Thursday September 23, 2004 6:49:59 pm MDT
Subject:Diffrent species, same cage
Message:I would just like to broach the subject of putting diffrent species and size birds in the same cage.  Like cockatiels and conures, or conures and african greys. I would highly reccomend that you do not cage different size birds together and when they interact outside the cage it is done under strict supervision.  

I have a nanday conure named Zorro and a umbrella cockatoo named Tyler among other birds. Tyler is a very small U2 weighing in at just under 500 grams, about the size of a large Congo grey.
Last year while I was standing right there not even a foot away Tyler bit through Zorro's head fracturing his skull in two places. I heard his skull crunch as if it were a walnut. They had been let out together for four years and never really had any problems. But Zorro scared her and the normally sweet timid Tyler lashed out. It happens all the time. When i posted Zorro's story I got many replies from other people who had the same thing happen between different size birds.

Right here on this board someone posted about a friend's nanday who ripped the beak off a tiel.  These birds can get along well for years and then one will lash out and serious injuries can happen. It leaves your wallet empty and your heart broken.


Phil wrote:
> Hello, I am new to this site. I have a Nanday named Phil. I would like
> to get a CAG. But I dont know if there would be a problem with the 2
> birds being together. Do you think they would get along. If I get a
> big enough cage do you think I would be able to keep them together? I
> really wouldnt want to get rid of Phil cause he is my little buddy.
> But I have always wanted a CAG. Any thoughts are welcome.

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