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Date:Thursday September 23, 2004 8:59:15 am MDT
Subject:Re: How to encourage a seed eater?
Message:Hi Linda,

Yesterday, while looking for something completely different, I stumbled upon the following website:

It's really a list of bird food recipes, but the author posted his/her method of introducing other foods into a bird's diet at the top.  

Remember that seeds have a high fat content.  They work better as treats than as regular food because birds do have a tendency to pick them over anything else in the bowl.  (I know I always go for the fattiest foods too...)

Good luck!

Linda E. wrote:
> Hi, I'm hoping either Margaret or Anna And Boo might have an answer
> for me. I encourage my birds to try fresh veggies, and foods as often
> as I possibly can. Mr. Bird has no problem tasting and eating veggies,
> and fruits. But Kiwi Annna bless her little birdie heart shies away
> from most things other than her seeds. She will eat a banana and an
> apple- and she liked grapes. But if I try giving her carrots, celery,
> or cracker or something she hides her head and refuses to having
> anything to do with these treats.
> What can I do to encourage her to eat? I've even placed those things
> in her seeds and pellets.
> I'm open to any ideas.
> Thanks: Linda E.

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