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Date:Thursday September 23, 2004 8:52:32 am MDT
Subject:Re: Should I or Should I not?
Message:Jess S wrote:
> I have to check with my first
> choice school to see what their policy on pets in the dorms is, but
> seeing as their an agricultural/animal oriented school, hopefully
> they wont be too mean about students bringing their owners with them.

Just a note on dorm pets; The vast majority of dorms out there don't allow anything other than fish that fit in a small fish tank.  (In Reno, where I did my undergrad, the rule started out as "nothing that won't fit in a fish tank", but that was too easy to twist...  Most puppies will fit in a tank if you buy it big enough.)  If you have pets other than fish that are planning on going to school with you, you're going to need to look into apartments or finding a house with rooms to rent.  There may be exceptions, but I haven't heard of them (and I've only looked into agriculture schools, being vet-oriented.)  

And if you're going to have roommates, make sure you know about any pets they might have before actually moving in with them.  I lost my first bird (Monster, the green-cheeked conure) to my roommates' Jack Russell Terrier.  That was the most traumatic thing that's happened to me in my entire life, and I had only had him for about 2 months.  Now Thor's not allowed in the basement (which is where I live) and gets locked outside when the Cockatoo upstairs gets to come out of her cage.  If potential roommates do have pet birds, you want to make sure they've been deemed healthy by a veterinarian and won't bring your own bird any nasty diseases.  (If they haven't had them for at least a month, I'd keep my own bird away; it's just more safe to have that quarantine period to assure total bird health.)

When I left for college, I left my dogs behind with my mom.  They were 12 and 13 years old, and moving would have been hard for them and for my family.  Plus I lived in the dorms my first two years and couldn't have pets.  For my last year of undergrad, I moved into a house with a couple roommates (and their dogs).  I had just put the last of my family dogs down (Kelly, my then 15-year old Irish Setter dog) and discovered a Gordon Setter at the local humane society.  I decided that I'd have to find a house when I went to vet school, but I was going to get that dog.  However, moving with an animal is *very* difficult.  You generally end up spending much more in rent money, plus pet deposits, because it's difficult to find a place that allows pets.  Our first year in Colorado was pretty expensive; we've finally moved in with friends at a reasonable rate.  (And we've got four dogs and two birds in the house...)  Just a heads-up for you; birds don't need a big yard or anything, but they're still hard to get past a picky landlord.

Good luck making your decision; even if you decide now's not the best time, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future!  And let us know if you do end up with one~ I'm sure you'll love it!


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