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Date:Wednesday September 22, 2004 7:03:05 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Mice in my Aviary
Message:Thank you Margaret and Linda for your responses - No easy way out then. I will print off the messages and see what my husband can come up with.

We live in a country village in Australia so hopefully the risk of someone stealing the birds is low. I have thought of Padlocking the aviaries but would hate to have the birds trapped inside if there ever was an emergency.  We constructed the aviaries out of wood (lots of it) and mesh - we did put chicken wire on the floor but it obviously is not fine enough. I think they get in from underground. As for disguising the aviary - we have a cocky too and it would be hard to hide that - she is loud. It is in our back yard though so not visible form the street. Our road is not a through road either which helps minimize passing traffic.

I like the idea of the screen over the mesh to keep the mosquitos out - we have millions of them in summer (even a few through winter) and I was wondering it that would be a problem for birds.

We have thought that we may need to keep the birds indoors for a few days or week and put the traps near the box and food and see if we can get them. Living in the county I think we will probably get more after we catch these ones but we have to start somewhere.

Thanks again for your replies.

Have a wonderful day


Margaret wrote:
> Thank you, Linda, for your kind words and vote of confidence.
> <smile>
> Kim, I would replace that sleep box if it is wooden and cannot be
> completely disinfected.  I would also replace any cuttlebone or
> anything else that may have become chewed on and possibly
> contaminated by the mice.   
> Kim, some people have used agriculture "hotline" (electrical fencing)
> to keep out rodents.  You have the aviary and then you have a 4 inch
> space or so between the fencing that your bird can climb (the
> interior cage) and the "hotline" is run around the perimeter and is
> made using a small mesh such as .  This is not cheap though, by any
> means.
> Other rodent proofing tips (I have no idea exactly what your aviary
> looks like nor how it was constructed, so you may already have some
> of these bases covered):
> Concrete floors, and if not, then use a fine wire mesh, such as less
> than half inch square, under the floor to prevent predators from
> tunneling in.  You can cover the mesh with dirt or gravel, whatever
> you are using on your floor.
> Aviary cage wire should extend to beneath the ground level a few
> inches or so to prevent predators from digging below to get inside
> too.
> You could surround the outer perimeter of the aviary with glue boards
> or set mouse traps along walls or where you feel they are entering.
> The sound of a trap snapping in the night may spook your bird though
> (just a side thought).
> Some people "double wire" their aviaries to help protect against
> rodents.
> Daily sweeping and cleaning of the aviary floor can leave less food
> available for the mice, as can pulling the food cups at night.
> Miscellaneous tips:
> Screening the outermost aviary wire can also help protect against
> biting insects such as bees and mosquitos which can carry deadly
> diseases too.
> Not knowing where you live (country, suburbs, nearby neighbors,
> etc...), you may consider disguising your aviary so that it isn't
> obvious that you have a bird outdoors.  You might also consider
> padlocking the aviary to help deter thieves.
> Well, Kim, I hope some of this helps.  I'm sure that others may have
> new tips to add, but any way you look at it, it is going to take some
> effort and vigilence to keep those mice from further contaminating and
> bothering your bird and his aviary.  Best of luck!

> >

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