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Name:Linda E.
Date:Wednesday September 22, 2004 1:29:25 pm MDT
Subject:How to encourage a seed eater?
Message:Hi, I'm hoping either Margaret or Anna And Boo might have an answer for me. I encourage my birds to try fresh veggies, and foods as often as I possibly can. Mr. Bird has no problem tasting and eating veggies, and fruits. But Kiwi Annna bless her little birdie heart shies away from most things other than her seeds. She will eat a banana and an apple- and she liked grapes. But if I try giving her carrots, celery, or cracker or something she hides her head and refuses to having anything to do with these treats.

What can I do to encourage her to eat? I've even placed those things in her seeds and pellets.

I'm open to any ideas.

Thanks: Linda E.

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