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Date:Tuesday September 21, 2004 7:29:37 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Mice in my Aviary
Message:Oh Kim Oh Kim I wish I had the most sensible answer for you, but I don't . Margaret or Anna and Boo Mght have the info you  want. I do know however that I dislike mice with a passion and if it were me I would send my darlings to a neighbor for a week or two and spread poison all over until I got the vermits killed. Too much worry about disease. As long as they are outside, or if I can set them free in a field that would be my first choice. Then my little angels wouldn't be coming back to the Aviary until I had every little piece of pioson cleaned up, and then I'd mop and scrub until I was blue in fingers and face. Then I'd make my little angels wait at least one to two weeks more before I felt they would be safe from the rodents and the poison.

However I have heard that peanut butter works wonders on mice in traps.
Ask Margaret or Anna and Boo. They seem very knowledable about birds in general.

wish you luck


C wrote:
> Hi everyone
> Please can you give me any advice on my situation. My Nanday baby
> spends loads of time with me indoors but spends my work time in an
> aviary and she also loves to sleep out in her box in the aviary so
> spends most of the year sleeping outside at night (we brought her
> indoors in winter). Anyway there seems to be a problem with mice - I
> keep finding mice droppings in the aviary and even in her box - which
> makes me shudder to think they could be in her box at the same time as
> she is - yuck - I would hate them to harm her or make her sick.
> Naturally poison is out - I have tried some of the other traps
> outside the aviary but they never seem to go into them. Any ideas on
> what I can do to get rid of them so that they don't hurt my baby.
> Thanks - and also thanks for such a great message board.
> Kim

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