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Date:Tuesday September 21, 2004 6:48:04 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Little Cuts
Message:Diana, was Kiwi ever allowed full flight ability?  I'm not sure how you acquired him or what age he was when you did acquire him, but I firmly believe that all birds need to have flight ability for a certain period of time after weaning.  Perhaps Kiwi never had that ability afforded to him or perhaps it wasn't given to him long enough?  Birds need to have the confidence and the talent/experience to know how to maneuver to avoid injury when flying or landing.  All birds (and any birds that I'm weaning) should have times when they can practise flight.

For example, I will start a bird that is weaning by encouraging and calling them to me (when I have their food ready) in a straight line flight path.  The next day, I may graduate this to a slightly curved flight path...for example, the bird is in the dining room and I am now in the kitchen around the corner from the bird's sight.  I poke my head around, show him the food, call the bird and ask him to come to me for dinner.  This might be a "whopping" total of 10 feet, but the bird will learn maneuvering techniques.  As the week progresses, so does the intensity of the maneuvering.  Not only is this abilty important for the bird's confidence (and personality enhancement) this also helps the bird obtain the necessary experience to be able to deal with a flight feather trim - severe, or otherwise.  The bird must have basic skills to use because dealing with a severe flight feather trim can be very challenging.  Having those skills can mean the difference between becoming seriously injured upon haphazard landing and landing safely.

I believe you have a good understanding of all of this, Diana, and I think that if you allow Kiwi's flight feathers to regrow (which they should now because of molting, at least in the U.S. it is molting season), Kiwi will probably do just fine in the future.  I'd give him a couple of weeks of encouraging his flight, just to build his skills/confidence.  He may or not be willing to practice flight - as it seems to me that the youngsters are way more willing to practice this than the adults are (I don't know when Kiwi was hatched).

Good luck with your baby.  I'm sure he'll do just fine.  Give him lots of love.

Diana wrote:
> Kiwi's kind of misguided in his flight attempts due to a bizarre wing
> clip.  (All of the primaries on one side are clipped while nothing on
> the other side has been touched.  I can't wait til all of his feathers
> are whole again...)  He has a tendency to crash into walls and
> furniture rather than making nice, smooth landings.  After a
> particularly loud "bang" last night, he waddled back to me with a cut
> in front of his eye.  He's peeled back a bit of his cere before too,
> though that's healed now.  There hasn't been any bloodshed with
> either of these, but are these cuts I should be cleaning?  One is
> dangerously close to his eye, and the other was right under his
> external nares~ I don't know how I'd actually accomplish cleaning
> them.  But if they were in easier-to-get-to spots, what's the risk of
> infection?  Do I just let them be if they aren't bleeding?  I'm afraid
> my poor, accident-prone little bird might be in for a lot more of
> these scrapes until he at least figures out how to adjust for the
> wing clip.
> Thanks,
> Diana

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