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Date:Monday September 13, 2004 1:47:26 pm MDT
Subject:New Baby Conure Questions & Intro

I'm new to the group as of, well now and I am also a brand new Nanday Conure Mom. I love this little guy already and cant believe how affectionate and kind he is.
I've been reading books like crazy, so I'm feeling abut prepared and confident at the moment... I do have some questions and I was hoping to get some advice here. My main goal is to make this little guy happy and safe without turning him into a spoiled little dragon in the next few years!

So here I go..

My little guy (Captain Jack) is only 10 weeks old, he eats fine and knows all about the water bottle as well. He does this funny head bobbing thing all the time though (He looks abit autistic at times....) and from what little I can find this means he is hungry? If I hold my fingers up he gets all happy and goes for them like I have some baby formula.. so I'm thinking that he is newly weaned and this is all okay?

Also, he *knew* the step up command... kinda... I noticed the Breeder picked them up as opposed to asking the to step up, which they didn't mind at all. He kinda gets the step up thing, and I know it takes some time and patience. What I have read says that you should not end a training session on a 'bad note ie, when they have NOT done it successfully... and the training shouldn't last very long lest they lose all interest.. so what do you do when they wont step up, and it goes past their attention span?

AND.. he seems to prefer to snuggle up under the chin/on my chest as opposed to anywhere else.. I think I have gotten it through to him that the top of my head is a no-no. The Breeder held the babies up to her (chin/chest) as well.
But he will fly off my hand or arm straight to the 'spot'. I don't mind the 'spot'.. its kinda sweet actually... but allowing him to do this himself.. is this kosher?

And finally...

Whats the best way to introduce the bath thing?


This site is great, I've learned alot just by reading thru past posts. So thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer a question or 2!


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