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Date:Sunday September 12, 2004 10:49:41 am MDT
Subject:Re: Looking to Get a Nanday
Message:McCaille wrote:
> Hi There. My fiance and I have been considering getting a Nanday
> Conure. We have been trying to decide for several months what type of
> bird we would like to get and fell in love with an adorable young
> Nanday at a local pet store.

First off I'm new to parrots as well, so my post can't be as informative as you would like, but I can tell ya about some things.

My wife and I raised a Nanday from a ball of fluff four months ago.

Now he/she is a valued member of our family/flock the loud mouth he is hehe.
Nanday's are awesome birds. Conner looks like a little falcon in body shape, his aerobatics around the house are a blast to watch as he constantly hones his flying skills.

Conner (my fid) is a loud bird. Most Nandays call in the mornings and evenings as I'm sure you have already read.
But around my house we like and sometimes encourage it.

Conner gets a little bit of everyting.
Peppers,sweet potatoes,broccoli,rice,he loves raw green beans.
Basically he eats what ever we do that night, both raw and cooked, except meats of course.
He likes chicken. This stuff is all without spices of course. There's pasta he likes to.
He gets fruits too, but not as a part of his main diet.

As I was told here no salt no avocados,chocolate, caffeine.
Try this link.

Your cage sounds good.

Nandays can talk some I'm told. Conner can say I love you. So far I heard him twice but its a soft scratchy type voice but fully understandable.

Believe me if you let this guy into your heart and family, and you guys click, him speaking will be the farthest thing from your worries.
Conner is both a clown and a cuddle bug.
We spend all the time we possibly can with our fid's
We also raised a baby quaker (sweet-pea ) so formula is still in the house.
I like Kaytee's Exact. It mixes easy and thoroughly.
Around here we use it like a morning hot cereal and after some thinking its also a good tool to administer med's. God forbid. So it will always be a small part of the diet once Sweet Pea is weaned. Can't really hurt I think.
How long till weaned ?
Well thats up to the bird mostly I think.
Its a gradual thing when we do it.
But at five months old Conner still comes over to get a shot when I'm feeding Sweet Pea then goes back to his veggies or whatever he was eating.

Nandays are smart birds.
He will be what ever you raise him to be its an ongoing experience.
Twenty to thirty years worth from what I've read.
Are you ready to have a two year old for that long ?
Conner knows what NO BITE means whether its the ceiling fan blade or my finger. He understands COME HERE and flys to my finger or shoulder when called 99% of the time. The key is understanding your fids body language or calls.
Conner is always learning because I'm always teaching.

If this is your first parrot, hang on tight because you guys are in for a real ride. Parrots are a whole other level of animal.
There extremely smart,personality plus, and the bond of trust and understanding you will both give and receive is just simply unexplainable. If you can, tune yourself to understanding what your fid is saying or trying to say to you.

Good luck
Some of the regulars will answer your post more directly and a tad more informative than I. There's some good peep's here your doing the right thing... read read read.


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