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Date:Sunday September 12, 2004 1:41:31 am MDT
Subject:Looking to Get a Nanday
Message:Hi There. My fiance and I have been considering getting a Nanday Conure. We have been trying to decide for several months what type of bird we would like to get and fell in love with an adorable young Nanday at a local pet store.

I hate to jump into something without having any real information so I thought I would post here and attempt to get some information before we try to get him/her.

What type of feed is appropriate for a Nanday? Brand? I know a pelleted feed is appropriate opposed to a seed diet. Is there any specific fruits and veggies they should not be fed? We have a cage already it is 24x24x32 will this be an adequate size for a single conure? What is appropriate to use for hand feeding a conure? (He's still being hand fed, but I am still curious) Is it a pre made formula you just add water to or is it a specific mixture that should be made fresh? How long are conures generally hand fed for? (We've were told it could be anywhere from 3-7 weeks before the one we're looking at could be ready kind of seems like a rather large span of time) Is my understanding correct that Conures can possibly learn to talk a bit, but very limited and not very well? Is there a certain temperature range that is appropriate for keeping a conure?

I'm horrible at thinking of questions, I can never think of them before hand, and would prefer to learn as much as possible so I'm not scrambling to find out as something should occur.

We own chinchillas, so we're looking for a companion to spend time with during the daytime while the chins are asleep.

Any other information or advice that can be offered is much appreciated!

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