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Date:Saturday September 11, 2004 7:05:35 pm MDT
Subject:Re: banding
Message:> thanks everybody this all helps she bits a bit but not now as bas as
> before
> but i am the only one who she lets get close maybe she had a bad home
> before

 Give us the skinny ?
How you two doin?

She may be theething if she is young, I have a baby quaker goin through this rite now.
I dont know if birds actualy teeth but both my fids went/are goin through the biting thing but its not really biting its more like chewing.

And Margaret if you see this I went to visit Clancy today he's turning beautiful on us.
I was worried because of the storm but the breeder only had a few branches down and everone was okay.

Two more weeks we're thinkin till fully weaned and raisin cane with Conner.
We cant wait, now we will have both ends of the spectum covered w00t .


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