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Date:Friday September 10, 2004 8:25:16 pm MDT
Subject:Re: banding
Message:Anna and Boo wrote:
> doug wrote:
> > i bought the bird because i am disabled and wanted a companion
> Then, as Randy says, you and your nanday could have a great time
> together. Let him be what he is, and find a way to connect with him
> somehow. you can have a great relationship with this bird, if you are
> a personality match.
> Age is not a problem. Me and a good friend, a retired gentleman,
> rescued a very old nanday from terrible conditions. Age didn't
> matter, we saw the look in her eyes and when she let me scratch her
> head, we couldn't walk away without her. Pepper was the most
> wonderful and loving companion to this man, even though she only
> lived for 6 short years in his care. They had some tough times right
> at first, but eventually Pepper became more sweet and affectionate
> with him than my young and perfectly healthy baby Nanday, that he'd
> adopted. Pepper died not too long ago...  We're guessing she was
> about 16 years old when rescued, so that puts her age at 22,
> approximately. So you and your bird still have years to live
> together.
thanks everybody this all helps she bits a bit but not now as bas as before
but i am the only one who she lets get close maybe she had a bad home before

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