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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday September 10, 2004 8:10:08 pm MDT
Subject:Re: banding
Message:doug wrote:
> i bought the bird because i am disabled and wanted a companion

Then, as Randy says, you and your nanday could have a great time together. Let him be what he is, and find a way to connect with him somehow. you can have a great relationship with this bird, if you are a personality match.

Age is not a problem. Me and a good friend, a retired gentleman, rescued a very old nanday from terrible conditions. Age didn't matter, we saw the look in her eyes and when she let me scratch her head, we couldn't walk away without her. Pepper was the most wonderful and loving companion to this man, even though she only lived for 6 short years in his care. They had some tough times right at first, but eventually Pepper became more sweet and affectionate with him than my young and perfectly healthy baby Nanday, that he'd adopted. Pepper died not too long ago...  We're guessing she was about 16 years old when rescued, so that puts her age at 22, approximately. So you and your bird still have years to live together.

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