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Date:Friday September 10, 2004 6:31:32 pm MDT
Subject:Re: banding
Message:doug wrote:
> i have a nanday and was told it is 9 months old it took a few day for
> the bird to let me hold it, it has a band on its left leg with the
> "no fff 92 144" does this mean the bird was born in 92 and will it
> talk and was i duped

 The birds age I will leave up to you pro's.

But the Nanday I will say this about mine (Conner)

He's full flight and has the run of the house.

He/she was wrestling with me on the couch this eve, (gettin a little roughhousing in before dinner) and he bit my finger (not hard but play biting) and flew off to the kitchen haulin arse shakin his tail from side to side showin off.
Well it was a set up for once around the kitchen light and back to the living room fan only to dive on me for the kill.

I can call him from anywhere in the house and he comes runnin erm flyin.
Sometimes I'll be walkin from one part of the house to the other only to get strafed by a low flyin Nanday. (He thinks touch and goes off my head are funny)

My fid is about five months old and our relationship is young, He's just startin to develope his own identity But I see alot about him that falls in the general Nandays conure (clown) behavior and I love the little green bastage even when he bite's the buttons off my nextel phone.

We have a Solomon Island Eclectus comin home soon and he's gonna have tough line to pull in order to hold a candle next to my bud, even if our Ekkie talks up a storm.

I think I've heard Conner say " I love you " twice but the truth is me and him/her talk to each other all the time its just in his language.
Like just this morning, When we where leaving for work it was time for him to go into his cage. When I told him up and he went from my shoulder to my finger and we started off to the kitchen where his cage is. Halfway he jumped ship and flew back to our quakers cage screamin, Roger that Bro, I took the quakers (Sweet-pea) cage with us the next trip cleared the top of the microwave off and set his buddy next to him for the day while I was at work.

Half an ear of corn each and as I walked out the door we where all whistlin the family call.

In some way's I hope Conner never talks It might ruin what we already have .

Post a pic of your fid
Some of the old timers (pun intended lol ) can tell you if he's young or not.
Hopefully maybe you two will click by then and it wont matter, birds are an awesome pet if you can call it that. Conner is more a friend than a pet I couldn't imagine bein without him and he's only been around five months


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