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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday September 10, 2004 4:24:34 pm MDT
Subject:Re: banding
Message:Does this bird LOOK like a 9 month old? Feet should still be lightening up from dark to pink, eyes gaining color, skin around the eyes and beak softer and more pliable like in a baby... Older birds look mature, but a 9 month old wouldn't just yet.

Is the 92 printed sideways on the band? If so, it indicates the year the band was made. Is the band itself scratched or worn looking? Does the bird look older than a year-old youngster? If the breeder used an old band that was lying around, the bird could be young, but most breeders will not do anything so stupid. It's far easier to sell a young baby with the appropriate year band.

So it is possible you were duped. You'd have to take that up with the seller.

Don't expect ANY bird to talk, talking is just a bonus. Nandays are not known to be one of the better talkers, anyway. If you get any bird, you should do it because you love their behavior and personality enough to want to live with them. Not because you expect to show off a talking parrot.

doug wrote:
> i have a nanday and was told it is 9 months old it took a few day for
> the bird to let me hold it, it has a band on its left leg with the
> "no fff 92 144" does this mean the bird was born in 92 and will it
> talk and was i duped

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