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Date:Friday September 3, 2004 7:22:25 pm MDT
Subject:Kiwi& vet school:
Message:Guess you are a little more daring than I am. Ironic too, One of my birds is named Kiwi also- I didn't give it to her-she came with it. I just added Anna to it. Trouble is Kiwi Anna had been through 4 homes and 1 sanctuary before coming to me. I was also told that a Macaw bit 2 of her toes off so Kiwi is naturally shy. She clings to me 24-7 until she goes to bed, and any strange loud noise seems to make her cry. So she gets lots of Cuddle time.

When I adopted her and took her to the vet for a checkup her nails were extremely long, but the vet- which was a person I didn't know- I knew 2 vets took off way too many nails and make her bleed all over.

Quite frankly I was pretty upset and was ready to take the gauze from him and take her to a more compitant vet. They should have told me he was a new vet instead of scheduling her to come in. Needless to say after everything was over and talking over what happened with other bird owners I called the vet clinic and told them under no circumstances was the vet who trimmed Kiwi's nails to examine my pets!

I'm sure skill levels vary with new vets, but I've been through enough myself, and have taught Princess my dog to be a companion animal for me. Ebony is not far behind.

Even my kitten sees the vet on a regular basis.

The adoption of Mr. Bird has been great for us all especially Kiwi. She wasn't sure she should fight or play with him. Now they share the same shoulder and get along.

What sex my birds are: I don't really know Kiwi's- I've been told she's a female, but I'll find out soon enough if she lays any eggs. I can't put her through a blood DNA test unless it's to save hers or Mr. Birds life.
But other than that my birds I'll just be happy that they are happy.

Oh yes: THe flight suit thing: My neighbor makes the most awsome halter and leash out of expensive silver chain. She says it's better than a flight suit. I know she's right. Her bird has had his on for 3 1/2 years. He just grooms it.

Pet therapy? Make sure the patient likes birds and isn't afraid. I have extended family members who are terrified of birds of any kind. Your dog is more likely to be more accepted. But a bird? For someone like me who's spent a lot of time in the hospital over the past few years would love to be visited by a therapy bird.

hope you have a long happy life with your new Kiwi. I sue enjoy my birds, pups and kitten and am so glad I can share them with my husband.

Wish you great success in Vet School.

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