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Date:Tuesday March 4, 2003 1:29:11 am MST
Subject:Re: I have a thought!
Message:I think I would rather stick with this one. I was so glad to see this message board appear. Like you, I've been to this site often. is the natural place for Nanday lovers to congregate, and it's so nice that we now have a way to interact.

Kristin wrote:
> I have visited often...I think it may have been the first
> site I visited when I bought my nanday NECCO...he will be 1 year and
> 3 months march doesn't even seem that long that Ive had
> him...
> anyways back to my idea...I would like to start another board for any
> nanday owner that wants to would be on I love
> the way there boards work and all the neat things you can do with
> them...before I put all the sweat and blood into it I would like to
> know how many people would come and visit and such...
> Thanx alot
> ~Kristin & Necco

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