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Date:Monday August 30, 2004 7:53:20 pm MDT
Subject:Anyone help find his breeder... Sammy's ID is FZV 412
Message:I live in central IOWA (USA). I have an open heart i guess for such a beautiful bird. I've always wanted a "Parrot". I aquired him for trade of computer upgrade since I'm a PC Tech that was just for labor which is worth nothign anymore, but anyway back to the bird.

I am curious to find my birds breeder.

Most likely thjat he is from around this area, but maybe someone else here sees this and recognizes the Inititals.
BTW i just got the idea tonight asking a local breeder of cockatails and parakeets she was very nice and had a friendly cockatoo.

Please help any info would be great.

E-mail me... through this message board i guess

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