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Name:(No name)
Date:Sunday August 29, 2004 11:29:17 am MDT
Subject:Re: Bringing Home A New Nanday
Message:Thanks very much for the advice.  Does anyone else have any advice they can offer, regarding "Bringing home a new Nanday?

Linda wrote:
> Take this a step at a time. A 30 minute car ride? A new home? Nothing
> like upsetting the applecart.
> If it were me I believe I would put him in his cage- let him have
> time to see his surroundings, let him know it's his house. and once
> he seems to have made the rounds and is perfectly still on a favored
> perch and seems to be eyeballing you- that's when to drop the door
> down for him.
> But don't just leave him. He doesn't know your house. If he gets
> spooked he could fly into a wall and seriously injure or kill
> himself. This is the time to put your new young charge on your finger
> or shoulder and give him the grand tour of your house, slowly. "He'll
> need more than one- but not necessarily in the same day."
> Then slowly over the course of days you might start introducting him
> to the kitchen..............
> That's the way I've always introduced my birds to the house, and new
> surroundings. Experts may have a more sound idea than this. But I
> always make sure it's on the birds terms for the most degree, with
> some exceptions.
> Wish you luck with your new Nanday,
> & we pray that the new introductions to your house goes well for
> Hudson.
> Linda & Steve
> Carolyne wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Could we get some advice please?
> > Our Nanday (who we have already named Hudson) will be ready to bring
> > home in a couple of weeks.  Does anyone have any advice on getting
> > him used to his new surroundings?  Is it best to put him in his cage
> > and leave him there for a day or so, or should we let him out
> > straight away??  He will have a 30 minute car journey from the
> > breeder to home. Any advice on looking after a young Nanday would be
> > greatly appreciated.

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