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Date:Sunday August 29, 2004 10:56:41 am MDT
Subject:Re: biting bird
Message:I've been told by an experienced bird owner, an Amazon Parrot to be precise that you should never put your hand in your bird's cage while he's in it. It's his home and if you go in uninvited your just asking for trouble.
You do however have to clean the cage, etc.

Will a bird ever stop biting? That will never happen. God gave them beaks and they will and do use them to convey meaning to us and the world around them.

What I noticed with our Cockateil was if we startled him after sleeping in his cage- we would get a nasty bite.  If we raised the door and left it opened for him in the morning when he was ready he would come out.

If it was cuddle time, and we forgot he would bite to remind us he wasn't through and to keep cuddling.

1 of our Nanday's starts biting to let us know she's hungry. She doesn't bite often. But if birds didn't bite sometimes I would wonder seriously what was wrong with these fine wild, beautiful sweet creatures.

I also found if our bird was ill he bit for no apparent reason and we returned him to his cage for more sleep, and some antibiotic treatment if needed.

Just plain being tired is another reason: They get stressed too.
& my biggest pet peeve of all, but happens when you have teenage boys in the house.

Teasing: THe only cure for that is taking your bird out of your teenagers hands and have the bird hang out with you for a # of days then he/she should be ok.

Take this a step at a time: every body is different.
& every bird is different too.
Books help, but you can only swallow so much in one setting.

I found my friends advice works in my case. Maybe it will or won't in yours

Good luck

Kat1 wrote:
> When does he bite?  Can you get him to come to you or does he start
> biting the minute you try to get him out of the cage?  I have two
> that my husband rescued they are very skittish if we try to get them
> out of the cage they start to bite us and want nothing to do with us
> while we are in the cage.  I think it just take time and patience if
> that is the case.  If he will come to you and then start biting then
> you need to figure out what is causing him to bite.  I will be
> truthful though, I am not experienced in birds, in fact the two that
> my husband just rescued are my first.  The advice came out of a book
> called "Guide to a well behaved parrot."  I do think that this book
> is the way to go.
> Kat

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