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Date:Sunday August 29, 2004 8:05:05 am MDT
Subject:Re: biting bird
Message:When does he bite?  Can you get him to come to you or does he start biting the minute you try to get him out of the cage?  I have two that my husband rescued they are very skittish if we try to get them out of the cage they start to bite us and want nothing to do with us while we are in the cage.  I think it just take time and patience if that is the case.  If he will come to you and then start biting then you need to figure out what is causing him to bite.  I will be truthful though, I am not experienced in birds, in fact the two that my husband just rescued are my first.  The advice came out of a book called "Guide to a well behaved parrot."  I do think that this book is the way to go.


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