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Date:Saturday August 28, 2004 3:45:07 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Bringing Home A New Nanday
Message:Take this a step at a time. A 30 minute car ride? A new home? Nothing like upsetting the applecart.
If it were me I believe I would put him in his cage- let him have time to see his surroundings, let him know it's his house. and once he seems to have made the rounds and is perfectly still on a favored perch and seems to be eyeballing you- that's when to drop the door down for him.

But don't just leave him. He doesn't know your house. If he gets spooked he could fly into a wall and seriously injure or kill himself. This is the time to put your new young charge on your finger or shoulder and give him the grand tour of your house, slowly. "He'll need more than one- but not necessarily in the same day."

Then slowly over the course of days you might start introducting him to the kitchen..............

That's the way I've always introduced my birds to the house, and new surroundings. Experts may have a more sound idea than this. But I always make sure it's on the birds terms for the most degree, with some exceptions.

Wish you luck with your new Nanday,
& we pray that the new introductions to your house goes well for Hudson.
Linda & Steve
Carolyne wrote:
> Hi,
> Could we get some advice please?
> Our Nanday (who we have already named Hudson) will be ready to bring
> home in a couple of weeks.  Does anyone have any advice on getting
> him used to his new surroundings?  Is it best to put him in his cage
> and leave him there for a day or so, or should we let him out
> straight away??  He will have a 30 minute car journey from the
> breeder to home. Any advice on looking after a young Nanday would be
> greatly appreciated.

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