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Name:Dempsey Hoffman1
Date:Friday August 27, 2004 3:19:04 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Free bird?
Message:Just checking to see if you still have Mr. Bird, If not just ignore the following information.

We just lost our Nanday (Gonzo) he is 5 years old, he was on my sholder where he spent a lot of time. Not realizing he was there I walked outside at dark and a noise scared him and he flew into the the trees. He was lost on 08-15-2004, and we have been, and still are searching for him. Our hearts are broken at his loss.   

My wife and I work out of our home so Gonzo was out from 6:30 AM until 10:00 PM daily, he spent a lot of time on our sholders, laps, on our computers, or his cage. At this time we are hoping against hope someone will call and say they have found him.

We would like to stay in touch until you find Mr Bird a home, or when we might be interested ourselves in giving him a good home. We live in Oklahoma (Tulsa)
and would be responsible for any cost to get him here safely.

We are not interested just because your message says free, we are more interested because of his age, and knowing he will be a happy bird after he adjusts to new surroundings.  

Hannah wrote:
> Hi! I'm trying to find someone with a home and heart big enough to
> take in a nanday conure. His name's Mr. Bird, and he's approximately
> 6 years old. . I want him to get the
> attention he deserves. Thanks!
> Hannah

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