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Date:Thursday August 26, 2004 7:14:59 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Suddenly dislikes his owner
Message:Funny you mention that - my two year old Nanday seems to change her favorite person in accordance with her moods and hormones. Mostly she is my baby and loves being with me but some days she picks my hubby and is all nice and sweet to him and if I go near her she lashes out at me and can be quite aggressive. a few days later she will be all in love with me again and not keen on him. Other times she does not mind who she is with.

Hopefully your situation is temporary. I am sure some of the others in the forum will be able to give good advice on what to do about it if it continues.


Colly wrote:
> My boyfriend has had his Nanday Conure for 8 years or so and he (the
> conure) hated me beyond all reason up until yesterday when he
> actually let me put my fingers in his cage and scratch him. Since
> then he wont let my boyfriend go near him. He lunges at him whenever
> he puts his hand near his cage, tries to peck his fingers and goes
> into the back of his cage when he puts his hand in to get him out.
> That bird hated me so much and now likes me.. its odd.. we dont know
> what to do because Chris loves Connor so much, connor used to always
> sit on Chris' shoulder and sit with him when he played guitar and now
> wont have anything to do with him.. why is he doing this? Will it
> stop? Don't get me wrong I'm glad Connor likes me now but I feel so
> bad that he wont go to chris.. any advice would be greatly
> appreciated.

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