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Date:Saturday August 21, 2004 9:09:57 pm MDT
Subject:Screeching, Help!!!
    I just adopted a Nanday from my neighbor, but it seems that he screeches when you walk away from his cage. he for the most part is gentle, and does not bite, although he does flick his wings often, almost like Tourette Syndrome, but thats only when he is out of the cage.
 Anyway my main concern is the screeching when I walk away from his cage, can anyone give some helpful advice?
  A little background on the bird, he was given to my neighbor because of the screeching and my neighbor's daughter took him out of the cage often, but my neighbors solution to the screeching was to cover him, or to keep the room dark.
My neighbor also told me that the bird would make allot of noise everytime someone would come to the house.


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