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Date:Saturday August 21, 2004 12:19:49 pm MDT
Subject:Re: New babies
Message:Hi Kat, that is just horrible they were abandon like that!! So glad you took them in, nandays are wonderful fun birds, and though they can be very loud at times, they give so much love it's amazing. I would start by offering them treats, and leaving good food and treats in the cage. Sit next to the cage and talk softley to them, and do this a few times a day, leaving them alone to settle in and become acostumed to their surroundings. Talk very softley to them, tell them stories or turn soft music on and sing to it to them. They enjoy being sung to! Then leave the cage door open and walk away, keeping eye on them. They may or may not come out, but if they do, just let them get out and explore. Do they have a cage with any sort of ladder or branch oh top to stand on? That's the best for them, and a food dish on top too. When you want to handle them, reach in careful and say "Step Up". Keep repeating this, though it may take some time for them to step up. Try offering treats by hand, if they don't take them, just set them down. They will get used to hands cleaning their cages and changing food/water, and eventually trust you. If they do step up, hold them and talk soft and offer them treats. It does take a lot of time, patience, understanding and love for these guys, but they can give you so much in return! This group is great to chat with and learn from probably, and there's a great group at yahoo called Nandays2 also. Combimed you should be able to learn lots about nandays and have lots of people help you out with these rescues. :-) Good luck and keep us updated on their progress!

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Kat1 wrote:
> I have never been a bird person.  It seems that I have changed my
> mind.  My husband has a friend at work who had neighbors that had 2
> Nanday's.  Well I live in Florida and the neighbors moved(just up and
> left out of the blue), right before hurricane Charley hit, leaving the
> birds outside in the weather.  So my husband played pet rescue and
> brought them home.  I Love these little birds they are so beautiful
> and I have decided to keep them.  So I am in the process of learning
> everything I can about them.  They are very shy though, not mean they
> listen to me when I talk to them but when I put my hand in the cage
> and get to close they back off. I know it takes time, patience and
> lots of love.  They have also been very quiet these past few days.  I
> think my biggest problem is that they came from a Spanish speaking
> home so now they need to learn English.  If you have any tips or
> tricks to getting these lovely creatures of mine to warm up to me
> please let me know.  Oh and I just had to name them Bonnie and
> Charley, they survived both.  Thanks, Kat

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