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Date:Friday August 20, 2004 9:27:38 am MDT
Subject:Re: age?

When we found our rescue nanday, Guapo, he didn't speak for days. When he became more comfortable, he became a squawk box. He needs time to get used to his surroundings. Maybe he'll feel more playful in time. He could be very dehydrated and tired from being on the outside. Have you posted signs to let people know that you found this nanday? His owner might miss him terribly. But, if you are serious about keeping him, take him to the vet to get a good checkup. He needs one to rule out any possible illnesses. The only way you can tell the sex of a bird is through DNA testing.
Good luck,


sharon wrote:
> On the same day that our "rescued lovebird" died,God sent us a Nanday
> in our backyard to love. His feathers are looking better after just a
> few days. He is eating well. Loves the sunflower seeds best. Will take
> fruit from my hand only, won't take out of the dish. Although he flew
> down from a tree to rest on my husbands arm to take a cracker,and
> came in the house on his arm,since he's been in the cage he won't
> come out. He gently nips if pushed too much to come out. This is the
> only time we hear him make a sound! Is he just exhausted, or old? any
> was to tell the age? He appears to nap alot, sometimes when eating a
> piece of fruit he just nods off. I have toys in cage, he ignores. Any
> way to tell the sex?

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