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Date:Friday August 20, 2004 7:01:33 am MDT
Subject:Bird store antibiotics
Message:Never give your bird pet shop antibitotics. They can mess up your bird more than it will help it. Antibiotics are a specalized thing. Certain kinds treat certain problems. They are also a big waste of money
Medcating your bird should always be left to the vet.

The only exception is broad spectrum antibiotics after a disaster when you know your bird has been drinking contamninted water and you know it has a bacterial infection. Usally it is hard to get a vet when you are in a hurricane zone and then broad spectrum antibiotics can be a life saver.

Lnda wrote:

> other than that check in the pet shops for orycn, and other
> medications for bird.
> I'm just saying if it were my bird, the appointment would have been
> made, and my bird taken care of immediately.
> Nick wrote:
> > Hi, um my bird has been breathing heavy every once in a while lately,
> > like she's having a hard time catching her breath, anyone know what
> > that might be???

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