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Date:Thursday August 19, 2004 3:43:35 pm MDT
Subject:Re: HELP NEEDED - Brittle Beak
Message:Hi Randy!

His diet consists mainly of seeds, peanuts, dried fruit.  I've a feeling that this is where the problem lies {although he does have fruit and veg - just not often}.

I did some broccoli for him this evening and he loved it - so more fresh veg I think.

Michelle & Arnie.

Randy wrote:
>  Whats his diet ?
> freash veggies some fruit ?
> I cant help you much at all as I am new to birds myself.
> But there are some good people that frequent this board that seem
> very knowledgable to me,
> But I know they will ask for more detail about your bird to help them
> out .
> Good luck to you two I hope some one here can help
>  Randy

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