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Date:Thursday August 19, 2004 7:27:16 am MDT
Subject:New babies
Message:I have never been a bird person.  It seems that I have changed my mind.  My husband has a friend at work who had neighbors that had 2 Nanday's.  Well I live in Florida and the neighbors moved(just up and left out of the blue), right before hurricane Charley hit, leaving the birds outside in the weather.  So my husband played pet rescue and brought them home.  I Love these little birds they are so beautiful and I have decided to keep them.  So I am in the process of learning everything I can about them.  They are very shy though, not mean they listen to me when I talk to them but when I put my hand in the cage and get to close they back off. I know it takes time, patience and lots of love.  They have also been very quiet these past few days.  I think my biggest problem is that they came from a Spanish speaking home so now they need to learn English.  If you have any tips or tricks to getting these lovely creatures of mine to warm up to me please let me know.  Oh and I just had to name them Bonnie and Charley, they survived both.  Thanks, Kat

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