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Date:Wednesday August 18, 2004 10:41:21 pm MDT
Subject:Re: news of Diago.. maybe
Message:You never know Amber. Quakers survive harsh winters and I have seen them flock with other birds. So if Diago found a colony of quakers for the winter maybe.
look for lost ads in the paper to see if anyone lost a nanday. Follow your heart.


Amber wrote:
> hey,
>   I lost my nanday conure diago last year on august 27th 2003. is
> there a chance that diago could've survived a harsh winter (i live in
> oswego)? could this be my bird? I stopped looking in june. even though
> its been close to a year, it seems like the pain never goes away. A
> friend saw a nanday conure in a tree a few days ago, he flew away
> though, but that means theres a nanday conure in oswego. should i
> start putting fliers back up, even though its been close to a year?
>                                                  Hoping
>                                                        Amber

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