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Date:Wednesday August 18, 2004 8:23:22 pm MDT
Subject:Re: news of Diago.. maybe

How are you? I remember when you lost Diago last year. I know that it must be hard. Did you ever take in that Nanday from New York State? If you feel that you should post signs to remind people of Diago, then do it. Let me know what happens. Good luck.


Amber wrote:
> hey,
>   I lost my nanday conure diago last year on august 27th 2003. is
> there a chance that diago could've survived a harsh winter (i live in
> oswego)? could this be my bird? I stopped looking in june. even though
> its been close to a year, it seems like the pain never goes away. A
> friend saw a nanday conure in a tree a few days ago, he flew away
> though, but that means theres a nanday conure in oswego. should i
> start putting fliers back up, even though its been close to a year?
>                                                  Hoping
>                                                        Amber

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