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Date:Tuesday August 17, 2004 1:47:28 pm MDT
Subject:Help for hurricane birds
Message:Or Charley's birds as I call them.  
Hi folks,
Here is the whole story, I will do it in two posts.
Most of you know me on this board. For those who don't my name is Lynda Lewis and I live in Sarasota, Florida maybe fifty miles from where Hurricane Charley made landfall.  This area is full of bird owners and breeders. When the storm was over all I could think of was " what has happened to all those birds?"

Well I called the PARROTs rescue and told them I had room in my separate air condioned garage for up to fifteen fosters. Then I went to Arcadia to rescue my mother. I came back with five fosters. The next day PARROTS called me to tell me that they had forty cockatiels reported either loose or in crushed aviaries or they were pets who could not be cared for. Well me of course said bring them over I will see what I can do. Unfortunately for the tiels twenty one was all they could rescue plus five lovebirds. The rescue effort for the rest is ongoing.  It was good for me there was only twenty five birds since that was way more than I had the cages and supplies to handle. I had eight tiels stuffed in the largest cage I had with 1/2inch bar spacing. They were badly stressed and exhausted.  

Well with this many tiels I needed help for food and cages. So I wrote Randy for permission to post here for donations. I also posted to some email groups I belonged to. By the time I got Randy's reply I was already getting as much food and supplies that I could handle. People called in to a warehouse to help me get cages and I have twelve cages no and hundreds of dollars on credit for PARROTS and I if we need more.  

But we still have ongoing needs.  Our big needs now are money for PARROTS rescue to keep rescuing. They need gas and help provide medical care for the injured birds they find. I need a local vet to see the birds I have and give chylamidia tests.

See Charley's birds part two for the rest of my rambling

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