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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Monday August 16, 2004 12:51:02 am MDT
Subject:Re: My own baby, told me off!
Message:Randy wrote:
>   Heh good story lol.
> I would have a hard time lettin him go.
> Dont think I could breed birds I'd be poor with a lot of birds lol,
> or wait
> Fids yea there ya go.
> Randy

Don't get me started... I so badly wanted to keep one from last clutch. It's the first time this pair has bred for me, and both parents are original imports, so it's a unique, unrelated bloodline. (and besides that, I haven't had any baby nandays since, almost, 4 years ago. I want to raise a baby again! LOL) One egg was set to be parent-raised, the other egg was promised to this family, and I wanted the third. But the third baby was malpositioned, and didn't make it. The first baby already went to the breeder who gave me Solo and Consuelo (rescued nanday pair). And the second I sold, because I know he's going to a terrific family, with a boy who's going to be his best friend ever. I couldn't ask for better people for my baby. Although I did tell them that if they change their minds, I'm going to keep this one. That's not likely to happen though. They are madly in love with the baby already!

I'll just keep one from the next clutch of Ruby and Jade's babies. LOL

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