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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Saturday August 14, 2004 11:44:04 pm MDT
Subject:My own baby, told me off!
Message:What is this world coming to?!?

I had the nanday kid out all evening. He can perch steadily now, so I put him on a little playstand, or on the horizontal arm of a table lamp next to my computer. He flaps, plays with things, tries to get into trouble by climbing off... Although he doesn't quite have the beak-feet coordination to actually climb, he tries hard, and usually ends up hanging upside-down waiting to be rescued. (Uh-oh, I think I taught this monster the #1 trick to send future mommy into a near heart attack. You know, the "help, my toe is trapped" trick. Ooops... *blush* ) He's a darling kid, very bright and responsive. He listens when I tell him something, and he already does the "step up" perfectly, forwards and backwards. He's a lot of fun.

So anyway, fun's over. I have to go eat dinner, and I don't want to leave the baby out unsupervised. So I pick him up, and plop him back in the brooder... And what does he do? He stretches to his full 6" height (on tippy-toes, on top of his pink frog plushie), fluffs out all his feathers, and yells back at me! At great length, and with several different kinds of screams! True to his Nanday heritage, he sure got the lungpower. I think all the neighbors must've heard him. The expression on his little face was priceless, a mix of shocked/offended and mad as all get-out. Plainly going "Mom, how dare you put me in this cramped, boring brooder! I've got things to do, and places to be!" Total temper tantrum. He would've stomped his feet too, if he could do it without falling.

"Gotcha. Tomorrow you get a cage."  

I finally calmed him down. Got him distracted with his little dish of mushy food, so I could sneak out. LOL

His new family are in for the ride of their lives. Think I should warn them? I'm still a bit shell-shocked, alternating between "Whoah!?!" and "Awwww..." LOL


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