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Date:Friday August 13, 2004 10:35:42 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Clancy
Message:Margaret wrote:
> How wonderful, Randy!  It is good to hear how well everything is going
> for you and your babies.  That is great news!

Hi all,

I'm Lois, Randy's wife. Mom to Conner/Connie, Sweet Pea, Petey (our cockatiel) and soon to have Clancy .... I could have sworn Randy was loving our being alone after the kids all moved out !!! haha

I have a question. Conner not only preens the baby Quaker, Sweet Pea, but he/she uses his/her beak and "feeds" the youngster. Do males do this? Or is this a sure sign that Conner is a Connie? All the signs I am seeing are maternal and not paternal actions. I'm also looking at this with a human chick perspective and not one of a feathered chick's.

Any info you have would be greatly appreciated and would be more than what I presently have.

By the way, what a wealth of knowledge stowed away on this message board. Its certainly helped us allot in the past few months. I am sure we will be getting more help for several years to come.

Thanks in advance for the replies.


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