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Date:Friday August 13, 2004 7:53:54 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Any reason why my nanday is always so nervous?
Message:Well she was caught in the wild.  She eats fruit and what not out of my hand, and will let me pet her on her stomach a little, but that's the brunt of it, i can't pet her to long, and she'll only let me pick her up with my right hand, she absolutely will not get onto my left hand for some reason, but do you think that it's because she was brought in from the wild that she acts this way.  I got her cause she'd been in the pet store for about 2 months and she was all alone in the corner, and my other bird needed a pal!  They are very affectionate toward each other, and i haven't had them determine the sex of one of them, so is there any way to determine based on how they act with each other, they've been together 7 years and no babies, but i havne't made them a nest!

Margaret wrote:
> How old was your nanday when you acquired her?  I know you've had her
> 7 years, but she may have 7 years of "a good reason to be afraid of
> hands" prior to coming "home" with you.  Could the bird have been
> wild caught?  Even if your bird was a sweet hand fed baby at one
> time, something could have happened to her between then and the time
> you acquired her to cause her to be afraid of hands.  I suppose that
> just like some humans with an "irrational" fear of spiders, bees,
> needles or heights....a bird could be afraid of hands.  Psychological
> problems are hard to overcome in pet parrots.
> Spending time with you or on your shoulder is one thing, and that is
> important too, but how much time have you actually spent working with
> this parrot and trying to help him get over his fear of human hands?
> Since your parrot has had this fear for at least the past 7 years,
> this may not be a fear that he will easily let go of, if he
> completely lets go at all.  You will have to be very patient, very
> consistent and very loving/caring.  This may take years of persistent
> working with your bird.  You can try by leaving your hand inside the
> cage while you observe your parrot.  You can try having him take
> treats from your hands.  If your bird is visibly shaken or afraid, go
> very slowly and be aware of your parrots moods and fears.  Don't
> "force" him to bite to get you to stop.  Try to read his body
> language and act accordingly.  In time you might be able to make some
> progress, but you will need to consistently work with your bird.
> I hope some of this can help you.  It seems to me like this is going
> to take lots of work on your part if this is important to you.  Good
> luck!
> Nick1 wrote:
> > I was just wondering, i got my nanday about 7 years ago, and the day i
> > got her she's been intimidated by hands.  I mean she'll climb onto my
> > finger only knowing that she'll perch on my shoulder, or in my shirt,
> > but once my hand goes near her while she's on my shoulder or in my
> > shirt she runs away or flies!  Is there any reason why she would do
> > this, she's always done it, and i hold her at least 4-6 hours a day.
> > How can i get her to stop?

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